Monday, August 29, 2011

when should you let your student use Facebook?

Jon Acuff (author of Stuff Christians Like) offers a little insight at his blog...he's got a point...


Later than they want.
Because posting a photo online is like getting a digital tattoo.
Once you post it, you can never delete it. It’s on there forever, traveling across the world on servers you will never have access to.
So, would you let your 12 year old get a tattoo? If the answer is “no,” then don’t let them get on Facebook and post photos. They don’t know that college admissions counselors are going to Google those photos. Future employers are going to background check them on Facebook and Twitter for years and years to come. And those are people who are actually looking with good intentions.
The entire world is going to see that photo, and though a small, small, small portion of that world represents their friends, a bigger proportion represents people who might not have the best intentions for that photo.
Scary? A little.
Realistic? A lot.
When should let your kids use Facebook?
Later than they want.
read more from Jon Acuff at his blog here:
If you do allow your student to be a part of Facebook, please keep a watch on it...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Directions for Moonlight Madness

Follow the link below for directions to the fitness center at Mercy North off of Emory.  Girls bring drinks...boys bring snacks!


Mercy Fitness Center

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Role is Important

I've come across some stats for you and the importance of your role in spiritual life of your student...please take a few moments to soak this info in.

80% of students who say in church after high school said their parents provided spiritual guidance compared to 59% who had dropped out.

50% of the students who stayed involved in church said their parents discussed spiritual matters with them on a regular basis.  30% of those who have dropped out of church say they had these discussions

Those whose parents were actively involved in church, %50 stayed in church while 31% dropped out

57% of students who stayed in church said their parents expressed an expectation that they would remain in church while 39% of those who dropped out say their parents had the same expectation.

42% of students who stayed in church said their parents prayed with them regularly.  22% of students who dropped out said the same thing.

Here's what all these numbers are telling us...a parents involvement (or lack of involvement) in church plays a significant role in the life of a student.  If a parent of a student is actively involved in a growing relationship with Christ will have a major impact on the spiritual life of their student.  Culture might say, "don't meddle in your student's life, especially on spiritual matters...they need to choose that for themselves," but by doing that you're handing over the reigns to someone who doesn't have full use of the part of the brain allows students to make fully informed decisions.

If you want your student to grow in their relationship with Christ then you have to expect it and live it.  Is your example one that is leading your student to grow in his/her relationship with Christ or is it reflecting a mindset of convenient Christianity.  Is God convenient for your life or necessary?  Are you portraying that to your child?

I encourage you to expect your student(s) to be at church and I encourage you to live your life as a godly example that your would proud of them to follow!



*stats are from a LifeWay can find out more at