Monday, May 21, 2012

5 Tips in Helping Students Find Their Passion

Originally written by Wayne Rice in his book, Cleared for Takeoff.

One of the biggest struggles of adolescence is learning to become comfortable with who you are and how God made you. Teens waste a great deal of energy trying to be what they are not. They have so many people telling them what they should be or who they should be like. Parents, teachers, friends, the church, the media—all offer competing messages about what’s best, what’s cool, or what’s God’s will. All of this can be confusing for kids who need to just be themselves and find their own way—which they must do for their own happiness and fulfillment.
Here are five ways parents can help prompt passion in their kids:
1. Affirm their uniqueness. Your family is made up of unique individuals, each with different talents, personalities, abilities, and gifts. If you have ever taken a personality test (such as the Myers-Briggs personality profile), you know how complex a person’s personality can be. Some are very introverted while others are very outgoing. Some are detail minded; others see the big picture. Some are creative; others are analytical. Some are thinkers; others are doers. None of these traits are better than others—they are just different, and they result in different kinds of people. When you require an introvert to act like an extrovert, it’s like asking a right-handed person to write left-handed. It can be done, but it’s difficult, and the results aren’t very good. In the same way, we need to realize that each young person is unique, and one of our jobs as parents is to help him or her discover what he or she does best.
2. Avoid comparisons. It’s easy to compare kids to their siblings, to other people’s kids, to their friends, to other “good kids” we know (or haven heard about), or even to ourselves. We don’t like it because our son or daughter isn’t taller, thinner, smarter, more polite, less clumsy, or a better Christian. Even if you don’t say anything, kids will pick up signals of disapproval or disappointment from you. Learn to love and appreciate your son or daughter for who he or she is right now.
3. Put their interests ahead of your own. In other words, let go of your need to look good in front of your friends. (They won’t think any less of you if you don’t have perfect kids.) Stop trying to live your life through your kids. (It’s okay if your teen isn’t popular or athletic like you always wanted to be but never were.) Don’t worry if your teen doesn’t choose that high-paying career track. (Trust that it’s better for your child to be happy than to be rich.)
4. Expose them to possibilities for passion. Don’t be so overprotective of your kids that they miss out on chances to have new experiences that might ignite their passion and open new possibilities. Let them explore their world and see what’s out there that might interest them or excite them. We all know people whose lives were changed almost instantaneously by being exposed to someone or something that inspired or motivated them to pursue their passion. A prime example of a person who followed his dream is an airline pilot who as a youngster was invited to visit the cockpit of an airplane. There is a successful lawyer today who visited a courtroom during an eighth-grade field trip and a prominent surgeon who years before admired doctors who treated her while she was hospitalized.
5. Nudge a little. If you notice your son or daughter doing something well, encourage them to pursue it further. A mother shared with me how she noticed her high schooler giving careful instructions to a group of children about how to play a game. She did such a good job of explaining the rules and making things clear to the children that the mother told her later, “You know, honey, you would make a wonderful schoolteacher. You really handled those children so well.” The daughter later pursued a career in childhood education.
Our goal is to help kids discover and develop not only what they are good at but also what brings them the most joy. Too many adults are in occupations that they don’t like. If your son or daughter can find a niche, their God-given passion, and then follow it to their eventual vocation, they’ll find the best way to achieve happiness and fulfillment in their life’s work. And the best way will be their way.
Excerpted from Wayne Rice’s book, Cleared for Takeoff.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Understanding Grace

This Wednesday night in the UUell, we will be looking at grace.  It is a loaded word.  By loaded, I mean it is full of meaning for the follower of Christ.  Without it we would have no hope in knowing God more and his plans for our lives.  Please make sure your students are here to hear about God's grace for us and how that should drive us in our spiritual growth.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parent Info episode 1

Hey there parents!!  We've recorded some announcements for you...we just figure you'd rather watch than read!

We love our doubleU parents!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peer Pressure

Last night we began a new series called "Peer Pressure."  During the time I've been in ministry, I've noticed that peer pressure doesn't always have to be negative.  Positive or negative, students are agents of influence; therefor, students CAN have a positive influence on those around them.  This is what we are encouraging our students to be.

One of the coolest things about this series is that it is a series of messages by students for students.  That's right, students are bringing the Word!  Last night, Tanner Thornton spoke about being light.  He used an illustration by Christine Caine which simply stated that light is only effective in darkness.  We as followers of Christ must seek darkness and shine the light of Christ.

I'm appreciative of Tanner's obedience to God in the proclamation of His Word.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks as two more students bring the Word.

It only takes one to change the world...imagine if we decided to be more than one!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great info

Here's a website I believe would be helpful for anyone in understanding this millennial generation.  They have some GREAT info graphics to help us all understand them a little better.

Follow the link and enjoy the read.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making New Habits

Jen and I were wondering how to make things a little more hectic for we decided to move.  Well, that was a decision make a long time ago, but we were finally able to make the "permanent" move this weekend.  And yep, it was hectic.  This move was just across town, from a home that Wallace has generously provided for us, to one that we can call ours, but that doesn't make it any less hectic.
One of my least favorite parts about moving is having to make new habits.  Yesterday, as I was reaching for the door to the fridge (big shocker, I know), and the handle isn't where it used to be.  The spoons are in a different drawer.  My unmentionables are somewhere I can't mention, because I don't know where to look.  A new house brings new habits, but we make those new habits in order for life to be a little easier.
On Wednesday nights we've been discussing with the students the importance of developing spiritual habits.  Why?  Spiritual habits can help make life easier.  We've spent a lifetime developing habits that help us serve ourselves, but now we must break those habits in order to form new ones to help advance God's kingdom.
Maybe the best way to make that happen is to MOVE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


For the past two weeks we've covered a couple of topics we feel are extremely important for students desiring to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Let me point out that it should be a desire in a believers life to want to not want to grow would indicate a few things that should concern you (just call me and I'll be happy to walk you through that thought process.

Week 1: Hang Out with God!  It is important for the believer to spend time with God.  If you're in a relationship with a significant other, I'm guessing you want to spend as much time with person as possible.  If you don't, your relationship will diminish.  It's not any different with your relationship with God.  If you want to understand Him and His love for us, then you are going to have to spend time with Him.

  •      Make it a Priority
  •      Commit to it (.34% of your day)
  •      Correspond with Him
Week 2: Accountability 1:12...Find yourself an accountabilibuddy!  It's important for you to know you are not in this alone.  Find yourself someone you trust enough to be completely honest with to help you in this journey.

  • Our challenge is for you to find 1 person and spend at least 12 minutes with them a week discussing your relationship with God.  
2 down 4 to go...HABITS


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's on your iPod?

I just want to throw out some alternatives to what you may be listening to that would help you keep a PUREmindset...

Trip Lee
116 Clique

Hillsong United
Jesus Culture
David Crowder
Aaron Ivey

Mat Kearney
The Classic Crime
JJ Heller

This should get you started!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Message Series


This week we find ourselves at the end of our PURE series.  We'll be looking at what it means for a believer to be PURE sexually and why we must strive to be so.  This weeks topic does lend it self to be a little more graphic than normal; however, I would rather doubleU students hear it from me rather than their friends and their teachers.  Like normal, parents are welcome to join us and continue the conversation with their student[s].


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A 2 month overview +...

The 2 Month Outlook…
January 4-5: Ski Trip
January 11: The UUell at Down UnderUTK We will leave from the church by 6pm (I will need adult help so please let me know if you are available).  I hope we have a lot of visitors for this event.
January 13-15: MERGE
     13 – meet at the church at 6pm for dinner, we will then get Wallace ready for worship.  Worship will not begin until around 9:30 or so 
     14 – Service Project; we will meet at church at 11:30 and head to the warehouse.  We will have dinner and worship at Wallace.
     15 – Making Malorie will be leading worship during "Big Church"
January 18: The UUell resumes: PURE (4 weeks) – a look a life in it's purest form. 
January 22: Midnite and Engage begin.
January 26-28: Conclave in Chattanooga – Student Leadership Training
January 29: LEAD Team lunch
February 1: 1st Wednesday – Parents are invited to worship alongside their students
February 4: CONNECT Leadership Breakfast/Training in the UUell (9AM-12PM) - We will be starting a training session named Square One as we study together how to engage students in todays culture.  We hope to make this a quarterly event and breakfast.
February 5: SuperBowl Parties with CONNECT groups.  I thought this would be a great way for students to invite friends and for you get to know their friends in a non threatening environment. You can have it where ever you would like, just let me know so I can try and drop by as many as possible!  Student are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks.
February 15: The UUell – HABITS (6 weeks) - The formation of spiritual habits in the life of a believer.
February 26: Mission/Ministry Fair in the Atrium.  We will need to have a booth set up.

Sign Ups To Begin Soon:
High School Mission Trip – Montana, June 30-July 6: My goal this year to reach the students of Laurel, MT.  We will work on the 4th of July float as well as get the area ready for The Awakening (a student worship event which will prayerfully awaken students to love God more and reach the lost).
Middle School Mission Trip – Townsend, TN, July 30 – Aug 3 – We will be camping out in Townsend and we will be involved in Camp Ground Ministry which will include Back Yard Bible Clubs and Family Evening Programs.