Thursday, February 23, 2012


For the past two weeks we've covered a couple of topics we feel are extremely important for students desiring to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Let me point out that it should be a desire in a believers life to want to not want to grow would indicate a few things that should concern you (just call me and I'll be happy to walk you through that thought process.

Week 1: Hang Out with God!  It is important for the believer to spend time with God.  If you're in a relationship with a significant other, I'm guessing you want to spend as much time with person as possible.  If you don't, your relationship will diminish.  It's not any different with your relationship with God.  If you want to understand Him and His love for us, then you are going to have to spend time with Him.

  •      Make it a Priority
  •      Commit to it (.34% of your day)
  •      Correspond with Him
Week 2: Accountability 1:12...Find yourself an accountabilibuddy!  It's important for you to know you are not in this alone.  Find yourself someone you trust enough to be completely honest with to help you in this journey.

  • Our challenge is for you to find 1 person and spend at least 12 minutes with them a week discussing your relationship with God.  
2 down 4 to go...HABITS


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