Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making New Habits

Jen and I were wondering how to make things a little more hectic for we decided to move.  Well, that was a decision make a long time ago, but we were finally able to make the "permanent" move this weekend.  And yep, it was hectic.  This move was just across town, from a home that Wallace has generously provided for us, to one that we can call ours, but that doesn't make it any less hectic.
One of my least favorite parts about moving is having to make new habits.  Yesterday, as I was reaching for the door to the fridge (big shocker, I know), and the handle isn't where it used to be.  The spoons are in a different drawer.  My unmentionables are somewhere I can't mention, because I don't know where to look.  A new house brings new habits, but we make those new habits in order for life to be a little easier.
On Wednesday nights we've been discussing with the students the importance of developing spiritual habits.  Why?  Spiritual habits can help make life easier.  We've spent a lifetime developing habits that help us serve ourselves, but now we must break those habits in order to form new ones to help advance God's kingdom.
Maybe the best way to make that happen is to MOVE!