Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A 2 month overview +...

The 2 Month Outlook…
January 4-5: Ski Trip
January 11: The UUell at Down UnderUTK We will leave from the church by 6pm (I will need adult help so please let me know if you are available).  I hope we have a lot of visitors for this event.
January 13-15: MERGE
     13 – meet at the church at 6pm for dinner, we will then get Wallace ready for worship.  Worship will not begin until around 9:30 or so 
     14 – Service Project; we will meet at church at 11:30 and head to the warehouse.  We will have dinner and worship at Wallace.
     15 – Making Malorie will be leading worship during "Big Church"
January 18: The UUell resumes: PURE (4 weeks) – a look a life in it's purest form. 
January 22: Midnite and Engage begin.
January 26-28: Conclave in Chattanooga – Student Leadership Training
January 29: LEAD Team lunch
February 1: 1st Wednesday – Parents are invited to worship alongside their students
February 4: CONNECT Leadership Breakfast/Training in the UUell (9AM-12PM) - We will be starting a training session named Square One as we study together how to engage students in todays culture.  We hope to make this a quarterly event and breakfast.
February 5: SuperBowl Parties with CONNECT groups.  I thought this would be a great way for students to invite friends and for you get to know their friends in a non threatening environment. You can have it where ever you would like, just let me know so I can try and drop by as many as possible!  Student are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks.
February 15: The UUell – HABITS (6 weeks) - The formation of spiritual habits in the life of a believer.
February 26: Mission/Ministry Fair in the Atrium.  We will need to have a booth set up.

Sign Ups To Begin Soon:
High School Mission Trip – Montana, June 30-July 6: My goal this year to reach the students of Laurel, MT.  We will work on the 4th of July float as well as get the area ready for The Awakening (a student worship event which will prayerfully awaken students to love God more and reach the lost).
Middle School Mission Trip – Townsend, TN, July 30 – Aug 3 – We will be camping out in Townsend and we will be involved in Camp Ground Ministry which will include Back Yard Bible Clubs and Family Evening Programs.

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