Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MTV and its new controversy...

It's always been my opinion to look before jumping. It is simply easier you point out the dangers, as well as decide whether to jump at all. MTV clearly has jumped into a pool without looking as to where they my land.

SKINS is a new show on MTV that is targeting your children...all in the name of reality, because they believe this is the reality for your children. Sadly this may be closer to reality then what we would like to admit. This show is explicit in nature and is adding to what is already a decaying morality in our society. I'm not exactly sure how they are able to get away with what they are putting on air (simply because a basic cable package with have it as one of their channels), due to the graphic nature of the images they will be putting one the small screen.

Beyond that plethora of information is the fact the actors are on this show are 15 year old and up. Uh-oh...that means MTV is now in what could end up being a legal mess. Child Pornography. You see...that's why you must look before you jump. How could they not see this coming? Have their eyes been so blinded to the point they are no longer able to see the edge of the envelope they have been pushing for 30 years? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD THINK THIS WOULD BE OK?

Madonna, The Real World, Road Rules, Made, True Life, 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom 1&2, Jersey Shore; and now to top it all off, a show based on children curious about sex and their sexuality. Parents beware! Students beware!

Here's a link to Dr. Alber Mohler's article on this topic.



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