Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing a new concept!

Hello parents of the doubleU!  We're are introducing a new idea for our Sunday nights.  Diverge will be morphing into Engage for High School students and Midnite for Middle School students.  Our goal is to take our students deeper in their understanding of what is being discussed in whatever the series might be on Wednesday nights in The UUell.

Our goal for Engage is for High School students to "engage" God and "engage" others in a deeper conversation about who God is and what He's teaching your students in The UUell. Engage will be on Sunday nights from 6-7pm (guys at the college house & girls at the Morgan's house).
I would also like to introduce you to another new concept for our student minsitry...Midnite!  Midnite is a time just for Middle Schoolers!!  It will be a high energy experience for our students--There will be games, music, a devotion and small group time.  This will be held in The UUell on Sunday nights from 6-7pm.

I'm pumped about this new opportunity for our students on Sunday Nights!


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