Thursday, February 10, 2011

META: Abraham

Last week we started a look at the METAnarrative. A group of small stories that make up one big story with a common theme...I'm pretty sure the Bible fits into that category! The Bible goes a little further in that it is Christocentric having Christ as the central character throughout it's books and chapters. From Genesis to Malachi the people are looking/waiting for the coming Savior to fix the mess we are in. From Matthew to the beginning of Acts we learn about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Acts to Jude we learn how Jesus changed the world, and Revelation focuses on the promise of His return.

Last night we talked about Abraham and his obedience at a time when we would be found lacking.

Genesis 22 - Abraham and Isaac

  • Spend some time reading through the story of Abraham and Isaac together
  • What difficulties do you have with what God asked Abraham to do (be real)?
  • Talk about Abraham's obedience even though it was a difficult task. Verse 3 says a lot about the obedience of Abraham.
  • Now talk about the faith of Abraham.
  • Search through verse 5 for his faith...what does it say? What does it reveal about the faith of Abraham?
  • Remember the promise that God gave Abram (before he was known as Abraham)...Isaac was the was that God was going to make Abraham's name famous in all the was through Isaac that Abraham would have many sons...and many sons had Father Abraham...I am one of them and so are let's just praise the Lord...Right arm!
  • Abraham said we will "come again to you." A strong statement of faith from a man being asked to do the unthinkable!
  • But we also see God's provision as a response to Abraham's faith and his reverent fear.
  • God provided a ram in the thicket/thorns...oh the parallel is almost too clear! God provided a sacrifice in the thorns as a substitute for Isaac! Oh please tell me you see this!
  • Talk with your student(s) about the atoning sacrifice of Christ.
  • Now you see how the story of Abraham points to open to seeing more ways the OT points to the coming work of the Messiah.
  • Pray as a family that more people would know His sacrifice and trust in its salvation...pray for you student this week...pray for this ministry this week...pray that you would make much of Jesus!


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