Monday, February 28, 2011

Wednesday March 2

I would like to invite all parents to be a part of First Wednesday...The 1st Wednesday of every month we would love for parents to come and worship alongside their student(s). This Wednesday we will be finishing up our series META: God's Story. We've been discussing how God's Story (aka - The Bible) is Christo-centric...that just means it's all about Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation there are a bunch of stories that are leading up to ONE story...the story of the Christ! That's where we find ourselves this Wednesday!

Let me be the first to warn you (I've already warned the students), this will be a challenging message. I'm going to challenge doubleU students on the reliability of the resurrection of Christ. Why do we believe it, because it's way more than just something we learned in VBS when we were little. More more than just something we were simply instructed to believe.

This week we will examine the "what" we believe & the "why" we believe it. So come and worship with us this Wednesday at we finish META: God's Story!


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